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Tote Bag
Stylish tote bag with donkey and Hee-Haw saying.  Donkey can come in a variety of fabric/colours.  We can customize it to have your farm logo on as well.  Durable canvas with a water bottle outside pocket.  

Colours: Black, Blue, Brown, Hot Pink. 
15"W X 12"H X6"D

(Custom Donkey) ~ $30
(Custom Donkey & Farm Name) ~ $35



Show Halter Bag

Protect your halter from scratching, dirt, dust and damage by tucking it inside our nylon shell, fur lined halter bag.  Comes with hook & loop closure and nylon hanger with complete opening zipper.   

Colours: Hunter, Navy, Red, Burgundy, Teal, Purple, Black

(Four Tabs) ~ $45.00
#7008 (Two tabs) ~ $40.00






Driving Harness Bag ~ $70.00
Item: # 7015

Guard against damage to your harness investment with our durable nylon bag, lined with shearling.  Easy in and out with a full side zipper and 4 hook & loop hangers

Hunter, Navy, Red, Burgundy, Teal, Purple, Black





Nylon Feed Bag ~ $25.00
Item # 7011
Feed the right amount of feed for your horse the clean and safe way.  Prevents loss of nutritious leaves and blades.  Made from premium nylon with hanger, rings, and nylong trim around muzzle hole.

Colours: Hunter, Navy, Red, Burgundy, Teal, Purple, Black




Hay Bale Carrier ~ $50
Item# 7007
Tidy up your tack room or trailer with our nylon bale carrier.  Makes transporting hay a breeze and protects your hay from dirt and dampless.  Black only.






Measuring Stick ~ $50
Item #7006
For accurate measuring from 14" to 39" aluminum stick with level.