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Stoney Acres Rusty

BORN:  May 23, 2007
COLOUR: Dark Sorrel
HEIGHT:  32.5"  
SIRE:  Stoney Acres Inferno 30.5" 
DAM:  Stoney Acres LeRay
We are very pleased to welcome Rusty from Stoney Acres Ranch to our farm as our
sorrel Herd Sire and look forward to many outstanding babies from him. 
Rusty is a lovely stocky and square rich dark sorrel with an attitude to please.

This was Rusty's first year showing at the MDE II 2010 Show in Red Deer.  For bringing a 3 year old mature jack to his first show he made us very proud

Rusty MDE II 2010 Show Results:
NMDA Showmanship - Green = 2nd Place 
Halter - NMDA 3 Yr Old & Older Jacks = 4th Place
Halter - Jackpot Jack Champion Class = 3rd Place
NMDA Produce of Dam = 2nd Place 
NMDA Get of Sire = 2nd Place
NMDA In-Hand Jumping - Green = 5th Place
- Produce of Dam & Get of Sire was entered with Rusty and his full sister Stoney Acres Rayanna 
who is owned by Rocking Patch Mini Ranch

We are booking outside breeding to Rusty.  If you are interested in producing a fine offspring from Rusty please contact us. 
Breeding Fee of $200.00 (includes board of two months)


Du Plessis Farm's Star Fire                            ~~~ SOLD ~~~

BORN: August 16, 2009 
COLOUR: Sorrel w/ Star

HEIGHT: 30" (March  2011) 
SIRE: DuPlessis Farm's Pepe Petit 29.5"
DAM: DuPlessis Farm's Cherokee's Starberry 32.5" 
REG.#:  MDR 59337

Star Fire has lots of spunk and personality, he definitely has Herd Sire potential.  JG Sunrise Acres has shown Star Fire at the 2010 & 2011 Miniature Donkey Extravaganza Shows in Red Deer.  We are so proud of this little boy in how he performed.  There were a great number of wonderful donkeys that were tough competition at the show and he held his own by winning us ribbons and doing everything we asked of him!
We are quite impressed with this little guy.  Star Fire is staying small, filling out, and has that great show attitude.  

If you are looking for a sorrel Herd Sire with completely new bloodlines in Canada, 
please contact us for more information on Star Fire!  

Star Fire MDE II 2011 Show Results:
Halter - NMDA Yearling Jacks = 1st Place
Halter - Produce of Dam with Amber Glo for Starberry = 1st Place
Halter - Jackpot Jack Champion Class - 4th Place
NMDA In-Hand Trial - Pre-Green = 2nd Place
NMDA Lead Race - Green = 5th Place

Star Fire MDE II 2010 Show Results:
Halter - NMDA Foals - Jennets, Jacks, Geldings = 5th Place
Halter - Jackpot Jack 2 & under = 6th Place
NMDA In-Hand Trial - Pre-Green = 6th Place
NMDA Lead Race - Green = 5th Place