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JG Sunrise 2014 Foals

JG Sunrise Bloom'n Hot
~Future Breeding Jennet~

BORN:  June 17, 2014
REG.#:  CDJE-CAN-5509

SIRE:   Stoney Acres Rusty 32.5" (Sorrel)
DAM: AF Acres Daisy 35" (Brown)
This is Daisy's first girl for us!  And is an exact replica of her mom but add Rusty's re fineness and flair!

JG Sunrise Rustic Glo

~Future Breeding Jennet~
~Sale Pending~

BORN:  , 2014
COLOUR: Red with Star
REG.#:  CDJE-CAN-5511

SIRE:   Stoney Acres Rusty 32.5" (Sorrel)
DAM: DuPlessis Farm's Amber Glo 31.5" (Red)
This is Amber's first girl for us too!  This is one really nice jennet foal.  Amber is out of Starberry, and we can't say enough about her.  This year at the MDE II show, being 11 year old jennet, Starberry won Reserve Grand Champion Jennet and Grand Champion High Point Open Donkey.  This line always produces us that gorgeous red colour, small heights with excellent conformation and wonderful temperaments.        

JG Sunrise Dynamic Diva
~Future Breeding Jennet~

BORN:  August 16, 2014
COLOUR: Black with cross NLP
REG.#:  CDJE-CAN-5510
SIRE:   Stoney Acres Rusty 32.5" (Sorrel)
DAM: JG Sunrise Lily 34" (Grey)
This is Lily's first girl for us too!  Wow we are feeling the girl power this year.  A Beautiful charcol no light points girl.  Structurally correct and a wonderful personality.  I am in love with this beauty as you can see by the pictures!